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[SALE] Alta Cone Intake Filter 2009-2013 MINI Cooper JCW
    [SALE] Alta Cone Intake Filter 2009-2013 MINI Cooper JCW
    Purchase [SALE] Alta Cone Intake Filter 2009-2013 MINI Cooper JCW
    • SKU: 274143613668
      [SALE] Alta Cone Intake Filter 2009-2013 MINI Cooper JCW

    • $65.98


    We are placing this item on our "OPEN BOX SALE" because the item was mishandled while being shipped. Only the outer box got wet and damaged during shipping. The item has been inspected and it is in good condition. SINCE THIS ITEM IS A OPEN BOX SALE WE WILL NOT BE AUTHORIZING A RETURN FOR THIS ITEM.

    ALTA JCW Replacement Foam Filter

    By using the same technology and manufacturing process we use for our Cold Air Intake systems we can offer you a superior filter for your JCW! This is a direct replacement for most MINI Cooper JCW stock intake systems. Finally you have a choice when replacing the stock filter. ALTA makes the best filtration technology available to you at a far more affordable price point vs the OEM replacement.

    Two Piece Design

    ALTA Performance filters feature a unique two piece design allowing the user to remove the foam filter element for easy cleaning. Easily run the element under a faucet for cleaning and ring out by hand. Simply slip the foam sleeve back over the filter frame and your ready to go.

    Open Cell Foam Element

    ALTA foam filters are made of reticulated polyurethane foam which offers a minimal air restriction. The filter element is sprayed with a special oil that adheres to the foam making the poly matrix sticky to retain dirt. Foam filters do not block dirt, they grab it, suffering only minimal drops in air flow as they filter dirt, maintaining air flow levels when other filters would clog.

    Clean and Protect

    Remove months of oil and grime by simply spraying on this easy to use cleaner. Just let it sit on the filter element for a few moments and simply rise in the sink. Once your filter is dry, just spray on a fresh coat of oil and you are ready to go.

    Filter Tech

    Don't be fooled by K&N or Dry filter hype that they filter better and make more Horsepower or flow more air. Its the small details they are not telling you about that might steer you away from the filters. Learn more than you wanted to know about Foam filters and Read Jeff's Blog.


    Overall Width 5.5"
    Overall Height 6.5"
    Inside Diameter 2.75"
    Foam Type Single Stage, Open Cell, Polyurethane, 60PPI Reticulated Foam
    Inner Cage Zinc Plated Steel


    R53 JCW Yes
    R53 JCW GP Yes
    R56 JCW Cooper S Yes
    Dealer Installed JCW Stage one Kits Yes