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Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs Conversion Ford Ranger 98-00 Mazda B3000 01-08
    Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs Conversion Ford Ranger 98-00 Mazda B3000 01-08
    Purchase Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs Conversion Ford Ranger 98-00 Mazda B3000 01-08
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      Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs Conversion Ford Ranger 98-00 Mazda B3000 01-08

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    Install time is only 10-15 minutes. Works SUPERB!

    Fantastic item works like a charm quick and easy to install with just basic set of tools!

    Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hub
    Got an older truck that isn't worth spending a lot of money/time/effort on debugging flaky 4WD? These hubs directly replace the OEM vacuum operated "PVM" hubs, giving you manual control. The factory vacuum system has a lot of failure points - seals, hard and soft vacuum lines, controls, and the hubs themselves. These snap into place of the original hubs, bypassing all of those possible failure points. No, they're not as convenient as just turning the dial on the dash (which, BTW, you still have to do...) but they engage as soon as you turn the selector on the hubs, not after moving a few feet, or when they get around to it like the stock system. Note that you can, in fact leave these engaged, at the expense of a little more drag (i.e gas mileage) and wear-and-tear on the front diff (since it turns when the hubs are engaged). Great when you're transitioning on and off surfaces that require 4WD, like the day after that big snow when the streets are clear, but you know you're going to need it when you get to your driveway!

    Installation is simple - remove the front wheels, gently pry off the stock hub, check the o-ring (replacement are included), and install the new hub, being sure to seat them completely.

    Knee deep in mud with a failed automatic hub and a disabled vehicle, the only way to repair it is to replace it. The question is, with what? Factory automatic hubs have a history of failing when you need them most. A damaged hub will render your 4x4 useless and leave you stranded. Wish you could swap your venerable automatic hubs to a set of manual locking hubs? Rugged Ridge has heard your plea. Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs are unanimously recognized as the world's toughest hubs by our thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Brute strength matters, that is why the bodies of our hubs are crafted from impact resistant nodular iron, and feature a corrosion resistant die cast aluminum cap. Our hubs deliver better 4WD performance when locked and improved fuel economy in 2WD when unlocked, than automatic hubs. Purchasing a set a premium manual hubs is more cost effective than servicing hubs is more cost effective than servicing your worn factory hubs. With the money you save you'll be able to carry a spare set, not that you'll need them. Sure you have to get out of the cab to lock the hubs, but unlike automatic hubs you won't have to wait until you lose traction for your four-wheel drive to engage.
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    FORD RANGER 4x4 1998 1999 2000

    Part # 15001.70