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Alta Performance 02-08 Mini Cooper S 17% Supercharger (Super Charger) Pulley
    Alta Performance 02-08 Mini Cooper S 17% Supercharger (Super Charger) Pulley
    Purchase Alta Performance 02-08 Mini Cooper S 17% Supercharger (Super Charger) Pulley
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      Alta Performance 02-08 Mini Cooper S 17% Supercharger (Super Charger) Pulley

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    Alta Performance 02-08 MINI 17% Supercharger Pulley
    In 2002 ALTA Performance was the first manufacturer to design a two piece, taper fit Mini Cooper Supercharger Pulley. Today, It is the most imitated design on the market. Our V2 pulley has taken that design to the next level. Installation is easier than ever, and the results are even more fantastic.


    With the simple installation of this pulley and no other modifications will raise boost 3-5 psi and will increase your engine output 15 to 20 horse power. No other modifications to ECU required. Customers with other existing modifications or those seeking more HP the results can be even better with the addition of an exhaust manifold, intake, intercooler and exhaust!

    Pulley Size

    Our pulley is available in two sizes. 15% and 17% smaller then stock. The 15% pulley has been chosen as the market standard and produces smooth, safe power. The 17% pulley simply adds another 1.5 psi of boost and produces boost at a slightly lower RPM giving the driver a snappier, peppier feel.

    Ease of Installation

    Simply lift the engine, remove stock pulley using the ALTA Version 2.0 pulley puller and slide your new ALTA Performance Version 2.0 pulley directly onto the supercharger shaft, tighten bolts, and your done! There is no reason to remove the entire supercharger to pull off and press on a pulley.


    The ultra light weight 6061T6 aluminum pulley body decreases rotational inertia and overall weight. Over-sized belt retainers and grooved belt teeth, preventing belts from jumping off, and increase belt grip. Cooling holes are drilled into the belt retainers to keep pulley temps in check. A decorative end cap faceplate provides a clean sleek look. Our pulley body and shafts are balanced to within .02 grams (better than stock).

    Design-Shaft Coupler

    The ALTA Performance pulley features a stainless steel supercharger shaft coupler with installation site aperture and the first to offer direct torque technology. The end of our shaft coupler is open and allows you to visibly see that the shaft collar is fully seated. Direct Torque Technology (DTT) grips the supercharger shaft better then any press fit pulley and will work for those consumers who have had other pulleys slip and cause damage to the supercharger shaft. Our hub will attach to supercharger shafts that have been worn down as much as .020".

    Direct Torque Technology (DTT) allowed our pulley to use two different materials (stainless steel and aluminum) without having problems with the different expansion rates of such metals.


    Version 2.0 Body Aluminum 6061T6
    Body finish Black anodized
    Version 2.0 Hub 303 Stainless Steel
    Bolts Grade 12.9 Socket Cap
    Lock washers Grade 10.9 HI-Collar

    In The Box

    (1) ALTA Supercharger Pulley Hub
    (1) ALTA Supercharger Pulley Body
    (1) Allen Wrench
    (5) Bolts & (5) Split Washers


    2002-2006 Cooper S/ JCW Yes
    2002-2007 Cooper S Cabrio Yes
    2006 Cooper S GP Yes
    *Supercharged MINI Cooper S only.

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